The Skillet Doctor        

Welcome to The Skillet Doctor's homepage. The Skillet Doctor cares about your cast
iron skillets and dutch ovens, and can help you! The Skillet Doctor is a cast iron recovery service started by Seth Affoumado. He can re-season renew and help you to reuse your cast iron cookware even if you think it's rusted beyond repair!
Sometimes, even The Skillet Doctor cannot save your cast iron cookware, but he'll try!

Started in 2009, Seth Affoumado has been restoring cast iron skillets and dutch ovens for many satisfied clients. There are different methods to re-season your cast iron cookware. Seth generally uses the Crisco method for re-seasoning his skillets. "I've used Flax Seed Oil, Crisco, Lard, and olive oil which are all wonderful ways to season skillets. Lately, I've been using 3-5 coats of Crisco, let cure overnight then cooking bacon or any fatty type of meat in the skillet for the first couple of meals to lock in the seasoning!" I DO NOT work with enameled cast iron products such as Le Creuset skillets.

Testimonials are the best form of advertising! Here are a few...

"I couldn't believe the final result of
The Skillet Doctor's hard work! It was worth the wait..." D. Bishop

"The ONLY way to cook the BEST food in the world is on one of Seth's iron skillets.  I have been using them for 60 years.  A very grateful customer.  Thank you Seth."- Jim Avila

"I thought the skillet I gave The Skillet Doctor to re-season was a lost cause. However, I was pleasantly surprised when he delivered the 50 year old re-seasoned skillet looking like it did when my mom used it all those years ago!" 
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